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3D Scanning

We have a DAVID Structured Light Scanner (SLS-1) with the following capabilities

  • Scan objects from 10mm to 600mm
  • Accuracy of ~0.1% of object size
  • Scan time of 2-4 seconds
  • Mobile tripod mounted scanner
  • Ability to stitch together multiple scans to cover larger objects and obtain 360 degree data
  • Colour Texturing of scan data
  • Produces OBJ or STL file output


If desired, we will also reverse engineer your scanned mesh back into a precise solid, and can provide that data in most CAD formats along with dimensioned drawings.


For a quotation please send a summary of your requirments and a picture of the objects(s) you wish to scan to


Example, Scan Output

(1) Raw Scan

Output is STL or OBJ Mesh

(2) Scan reverse engineered to geometry

Output is STEP or IGES

(3) Scan reverse engineered to dimensioned drawings

Output is PDF or DWG (plus STEP or IGES)