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26th June 2014

In-vehicle information system for the classic motorist

Debuting at Goodwood Revival 2014

  • Modern technology that blends into a classic car’s interior
  • Single unit for gauges, alerts, rally computer, service reminders, & data-logging
  • Design inspired by a 1950's rally computer
  • Peace of mind while you keep your eyes on the road
  • Crafted in the UK with fine heritage detailing

Classic Car enthusiasts at the Goodwood Revival, 12th-14th September 2014, will be the first to get hands-on with GaugePilot™. With period-perfect good looks and heritage detailing, GaugePilot offers the classic motorist peace of mind through a configurable set of gauges with programmable alerts, service reminders, data-logging, plus a rally computer for your motoring pleasure. The GaugePilot Pro, (SRP £1,200) will be available to order on stand 280 (in front of the Bonhams' auction house).

Made in the UK - GaugePilot is designed and manufactured by UK craftsmen, using both traditional methods and state of the art 3D printing in its manufacture. Exeter University with it's 'Centre for Applied Layer Manufacture’, is harnessing latest technologies and bright young minds to further extend the scope of 3D printing within GaugePilot.

Crafted for you - Each GaugePilot is custom built, with the option to personalise the gauge display and case finish to match your vehicle. For example: What range and redline do you want for your tachometer? What finish of front bezel will best complement the vehicle’s interior decor? Polished aluminium, black shot, or even 18ct gold plated* are available options. (*additional cost applies)

Why do you need a GaugePilot? - Nigel Cousins of Hambly Industries says, “With very few classics being used on a daily basis, motorists of today have grown used to having every aspect of their vehicles’ performance monitored for them by the manufacturer-supplied in-vehicle information systems. However, when they fire up their classic vehicle at the weekend this is not the case: quite often gauges do not function, are not present, or they simply fail to monitor their gauges at all, potentially leading to expensive repair bills.

This is where GaugePilot's unique software monitors and protects your classic whilst you enjoy the drive. You can choose to have your GaugePilot alert you to when something is wrong or you can choose to interact with it through the selection of displayed gauges.”


Why would you want GaugePilot?

Gauges - Do you want to monitor all of the critical outputs of your engine and be alerted when something is wrong? GaugePilot will monitor up to 32 inputs from installed sensors*, and works with both 12 volt and 6 volt systems. Alarm targets can be set on screen to warn that a near danger level has been reached, so you can stop safely and in good time. (* 7 directly connected; remaining via compatible third-party devices)

Steve Mortimer who has pre-ordered a GaugePilot for his meticulously rebuilt 1960 Volkswagen Beetle says “I hate ‘gauge fever’ on the dash, this piece of kit will monitor everything I need to ensure that my £8000 engine upgrade is kept safe and, above all, it looks right.”

Service Reminders - “When is my safety inspection due? When did I last change my brake or transmission fluid?” GaugePilot will store all this information for you and alert you to when routine servicing is due.

Datalogging - Bespoke datalogging software monitors, collates, and records all GaugePilot inputs so that you, or your mechanic, can recall and analyse how your engine has performed as you were driving, and view any alerts triggered. Logged information can be recalled on screen or can be exported, via a USB memory stick, to your PC.

Rally Computer - GaugePilot is styled on, and is physically interchangeable with, a 1950's mechanical rally computer, so it is vital that it also functions as per the original device, monitoring average speed and distance between tulips for regularity competition.

A GaugePilot will be fitted to a Mercedes 230S Fintail that will be taking part in the 2nd ERA Trans-America Challenge in 2015. Michael Eatough, who owns and pilots the Fintail, was the first to order a GaugePilot on seeing its specification.


Further Details

Visit our GaugePilot mini site at for further particulars in the coming weeks, leading up to its Goodwood debut.

GaugePilot is a product from Hambly Industries Limited, who create innovative products by blending classic design with modern innovation.


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