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March 2013

The first printed circuit boards for the 356BOARD LED rear lights arrived this week so we've been busily building up prototypes for testing.

The prototypes have proven to be fully functional on the bench so once we've settled on the precise lighting levels we require we'll move straight onto in-car trials.

As a taster here is a video of the prototype cycling through various functions that we posted up on youtube.

March 2013

We've just completed a mammoth 40 hours of 3D printing for a client, printing a prototype of a complex model that they'd previously only been able to visualize as an on-screen rendering.

We some printed 19 components, mostly in ivory ABS.

Four of the components were larger than our machine's 8 x 8 x 6 in capacity so were built in two pieces that were then bonded together. The machines's software automatically generates a serated edge for a strong joint.

This job used some 664cm3 of ABS material and 230cm3 of support material, and was run on our Stratasys-based FDM machine at 0.254mm layer height.

March 2013

I developed a bolt-on 36-1 Trigger Wheel for the upright converted Type4 for myself a couple of years ago, and having had to have a batch made to make one economic, sold on the rest via STF, sending them as far as Australia and America.

Now we offer a complete kit comprising of a bolt-on steel trigger wheel, stainless steel sensor bracket , and two-wire Ford CS1068 VR sensor. The toothed wheel sits between the crank pulley and the hub.

Two levels of the kit are available:-

  • Basic - With a laser-cut flat steel 36-1 wheel
  • Deluxe - With a 4.75mm thick 60 degree edge machined wheel that is only 2mm thick at the pulley hub

They will be in our online shop as soon as it opens or email us / call us to buy one now.

The Basic kit is £59 inc. VAT, and the Deluxe kit is £89 inc. VAT.

February 2013

Through DDK, we acquired a LHD GRP tonneau cover that was splashed from an original 60s racer.

Its going to provide an excellent reference for creating a RHD tonneau for Speedster recreations

Rather than cutting it up to modify it, we have scanned it in, and will be using the scan data to produce a buck from which to make moulds so that we can offer these for sale. Note the scan, right, has already been 'mirrored' to RHD.

An object of this size is really at the outer limits of our scanning capabilities...

February 2013

We have finished the electronic design of our 12 Volt 356 LED rear cluster lights.

These use the latest surface mount LED technology from OSRAM and include a daytime visibility feature not possible with conventional bulbs - more on that when they go on sale!

They were initially designed to be suitable for European lighting with Amber outer (signal) and Red dual-filament (stop/tail) inner bulbs, but will now also support USA lighting with Red outer (stop/signal) and Red inner (tail) bulbs.

The LED board directly fits inside of the light housing in place of the two bulbs, with wires leaving the light housing via the outer bulb holder aperture to connect to the car loom. No extra connecitons required!

We are initially making a batch of about 45 units and expect to make them available in the May/June timeframe.

I expect to have a pair up and running on my own car for testing by the end of March.

If anyone is keen to be a Beta tester, then get in touch with us in early April.

Once these are released, we have further plans for a discrete third brake light for 356s / replicas (this one is easier to engineer for either 6 Volt or 12 Volt operation), again for European or USA vehicles.