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Announcing GaugePilot: In-vehicle information system for the classic motorist
Upright T4 trigger wheel, sensor, and bracket kits available in Basic and Deluxe variants
3D printing, 3D scanning and reverse engineering services
356 12V LED rear combination lights now available
Need a 3D print of a complex manifold design? No problem

This is the website of Hambly Industries; We are classic car enthusiasts and we create innovate products by blending classic design with modern innovation.

At this years Goodwood Revival we launched, GaugePilot, an exciting new product that epitomizes our mission statement. An In-Vehicle Information System for the Classic Motorist which blends into a classic car's interior, with a design inspired by a 1950's Halda SpeedPilot Rally Computer. You can read more at our GaugePilot mini site, here.

During our work on GaugePilot, we have reproduced a number of SpeedPilot parts that were no longer available (including control knobs, mounting straps, mounting frame & knurled nuts) so when an estate sale of period Halda spare parts became available, it seemed natural to acquire it. We're part way through cataloging the parts we've acquired and making them all available in our online shop, together with our new reproductions.

We also have products for 356 Speedster recreations (and real 356s too!), and for fuel-injecting air-cooled Porsche 356 / 914 & VW engines. And if you've ever wanted a replica 4-cam engine, watch this space.

We have invested in-house in modern technologies such as 3D CAD, 3D scanning and 3D printing. We offer our internal scanning, printing, and CAD capabilities as an economic service to other companies and individual enthusiasts, and offer much lower rates than the many companies that exist solely to perform this service.

We are also proud to develop and manufacture our products right here in the UK.

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Simon Hambly & Nigel Cousins